Paul F. Tompkins vs. me for ComedySmack's Best Web Short Video of the year

I've been nominated for The Best Web Short Video Of 2008 at ComedySmack for my White Collar Comedian video:


I'm up against Paul F. Tompkins, one of my faves and a guy who is about as funny as it gets. It's like Daniel vs. Mr. Miyagi. Click here to vote. And here's the video:

Again, thanks to Brad Steuernagel, Jay Bois, and Selena Coppock for their help shooting and editing the clip.


Mo Diggs said...

Good luck! Between this and SXSW looks like your hard work paid off!

Mike Drucker said...

There's no difference between you and Thompkins. Right now he's a better comedian, but he's got no tools you don't have. You're getting there slow and steady.

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