Mortimer wins Best Web Short of '08

My "White Collar Comedy with Mortimer the Steel Baron" video won Best Web Short of '08 at ComedySmack's Smack-Down.

This is a special issue of ComedySmack to announce the winners of ComedySmack's Smack-Down '08: The Best Comedy of 2008. The contestants and winners were determined by our panel of comedy insiders and by public voting. The winning comedy is a representation of the best and funniest items featured on ComedySmack last year. Congratulations to the winners of Smack-Down '08!

Thanks to ComedySmack and to everyone who voted for the clip! And one more round of thanks to Brad Steuernagel, Jay Bois, and Selena Coppock for their help creating the video.


Anonymous said...

Ruby! You're on a roll baby! Con-Gealed Salad to you!

Mo Diggs said...

Thanks Dan. Oh wait this is happening to Matt Ruby nevermind.

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