The next wave of NYC comics: Cope, Cunningham, Drucker, Goodman, O'Connor, St. Germain, and Sullivan

The comedy hierarchy can be a frustrating thing for aspiring comics. You can't get booked on the top shows because the people who book those shows haven't seen you perform. And since you can't get booked on those shows, the people who put together TV showcases and big festivals don't see you.

If you're lucky, someone refers you and you get a shot. Otherwise, it's a waiting game. Quality bubbles up eventually, but sometimes it takes longer than it should.

I'm in the trenches watching small shows all the time so maybe I can help. Below is a list of the NYC comics (along with five-word or less descriptions) that I think should be the next wave to hit big.

I decided to only include comics whom 1) I've seen multiple times and 2) do NOT have any of the following:

1. A major TV credit
2. An appearance at the Just for Laughs Festival
3. A nomination for an ECNY award

(Kinda arbitrary but I wanted some kinda parameters.) If you have something to say about any of those things, keep an eye out for these guys. And if you produce a show in NYC, you should definitely book 'em.

David Cope: Witty one-liners, suave delivery.

Luke Cunningham: Rapid-fire, intelligent clubby style.

Mike Drucker: Great writer, Onion/SNL/McSweeney's.

Dan Goodman: Sharp, offensive, not for everyone.

Sean O’Connor: Intentional awkwardness plus lotsa likability.

Dan St. Germain: Huge act outs, underrated writer.

Brent Sullivan: Subtle and smart. Comedy for adults.


mark said...

yeah!!! Well done man. Quality wins for once.

Mike Drucker said...

I would add Matt Ruby and Zach Sims.

Both quality people with quality acts.

Danny Solomon said...

All great guys, too. Except for Drucker. I think he knows why.

Mike Drucker said...

Jesus, Danny.

Mo Diggs said...

Congrats! Mike Drucker is the big winner here because he got Ruby's comedy approval AND Kevin Tor's Twitter love (http://kevintor.blogspot.com/2009/02/top-comedy-twitter-ers.html). Even I don't have that.

Danny Solomon said...

See you at Watchmen, buddy!

RG Daniels said...

What about Louis CK??

Abbi Crutchfield said...

I'll take my Food Network appearance as a non-speaking extra on Food Detectives as the reason you failed to list me. Mysognist. Racist. Boobist.

Anonymous said...

what a kind thing to do for your fellow comics

but why no laydeez ?

Mike Drucker said...

Angry Bob has a legit television credit, too.

Matt Ruby said...

but why no laydeez ?

1. I went for quality, regardless of gender. And this is the list of people who meet the criteria I outlined above and that I truly think are funniest.

2. At this year's ECNY awards nominees, 9 out of the 16 people nominated in comedian categories are women. So that made it a bit tough to find gals who still qualify as "under the radar." Good to see this city has more funny women than men though!

3. Three times this week I've been called a misogynist. Each time by a woman. But what do they know?

Yeow. Now that's a well-written joke right there!

Anonymous said...

fair enough that makes sense !

Chesley Calloway said...

If I work hard enough, I'll make this list next year-- you just wait!

Mo Diggs said...

I will be next year's dark horse under the radar comedienne

Aalap said...

The race is on for a Matt Ruby Underground Comedy Award in 2010. Matt you're a genius, we're going to call them the Sandies.

Odinaka said...

Lol, y'all wylin. Enjoyed seein these new faces, Matt

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