Upcoming shows: CSL, Night of No Bullshit, Extra Fancy, Haiku, etc.

Apr 01 - 9pm Comedy Show @ O’Hanlons
Apr 02 - 9pm Comedy as a Second Language @ Kabin
Apr 04 - 7pm Night of No Bullshit @ Parkside Lounge
Apr 06 - 9pm Comedy Dungeon @ Jazz on the Park
Apr 14 - 8pm Switzerland Neutral Comedy @ Stain Bar
Apr 15 - 8pm Extra Fancy @ Bowery Electric
Apr 17 - 8pm *** WE’RE ALL FRIENDS HERE @ THE CREEK ***
Apr 22 - 8pm Haiku @ Jeollado

Want to book me on a show? Write me at matt@mruby.com.

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