Rod Stewart and We're All Friends Here agree: Tonight's the night

Reminder: Tonight = big We're All Friends Here show at The Creek. Mark's birthday. Guests: Dan Soder (just taped his Live at Gotham), Jessie Geller, and Matt Maragno. This is gonna go deep. We're gonna be starting right at 8pm so don't be late. Show will be done by 10pm. More details.

And stick around to see the fantastic Sean Patton doing a 30 min. set following us. Ya can listen to Sean's recent appearance at We're All Friends Here on this podcast.

We're All Friends Here 1 Year Anniversary Show


Mo Diggs said...

Kriss Kross also agree with you

Abbi Crutchfield said...

So mad I was out of town while this happened! How mad? I want to scream as loud as Mark's jacket.

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