We're All Friends Here teams up with Breakthru Radio!

The latest edition of the We're All Friends Here podcast, featuring Danny Solomon and Claudia Cogan, is now live. You can listen here. (Pat Dixon's interview was so hot, he wouldn't let us broadcast it. It was really great though.)

And there's big news on the podcast front too: Breakthru Radio, a very cool online radio station, digs the 'casts so much that they're going to start broadcasting them (starting with the next show). And they're even going to pay us. We like that. More details when the first episode goes live.

Here's info on Friday's show:

The comedy chat show with boundary issues
Hosted by Matt Ruby and Mark Normand
Featuring Dan Soder, Jessie Geller, and Matt Maragno
Friday, Sept 18
8pm @ The Creek
10-93 Jackson Ave at 49th Ave
Long Island City, NY
Just one subway stop from Brooklyn and Manhattan


Abbi Crutchfield said...

Congrats! So much for getting on one now. Breakthrough will probably require you to only tape famous folks. But if I hear that you have invited someone who is not famous, so help me, I'm shouting my dirty laundry from the audience.

soce said...

A hearty congratulations from me as well!! First of all, if you do have an audience to a radio show, then I am totally going to sit in it, especially if they have the aforementioned laundry machines.

For real though, it's exciting to get paid to do what you love.

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