Chevy in Fletch

Listening to Paul Simon's "Graceland." Remembering that "You Can Call Me Al" video with Chevy Chase. That got me thinking about my favorite line from Fletch (audio):

Fletch: "Give each other 20 dollars and put it on the Underhill bill."
Waiter: "Ahhh muchas gracias!"
Fletch: "Tierra del fuego."

This one not bad either:

Mrs Stanwyck: "I'm surprised to see you, what are you doing here?"
Fletch: "I ordered some lunch."
Mrs Stanwyck: "You ordered it here?"
Fletch: "Well I knew this was where my mouth would be."
Mrs Stanwyck: "Ha.... I really should change..."
Fletch: "No... I think you should stay the same wonderful person you are today."
Mrs Stanwyck: "I mean put clothes on!"


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