NYC in the 80's had a real "energy"

NYC was a pretty shitty place back in the 80's. Junkies, whores, homeless people, etc. Yet you still hear people talk fondly about that era. And they always say the same thing: "The city had a real energy back then."

Well you know where there's a real "energy" right now? Darfur. It's the country that never sleeps! It's 'cuz they're terrified, but still.

I wonder if there's some guy in Darfur who's like: "Sure, we've got to deal with the constant threat of rape and murder...but the arts scene here is THRIVING! You should see the collage Bahar hung in his hut — right before the Janjaweed slaughtered him. It's very deconstructionist."

If these people think NYC in the 80's was so great they should just go live at the Port Authority. It's still 1985 there. Do you like the smell of urine? Do you like hanging out with transients? Do you like people who play the BUCKETS? Then have I got the place for you!

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Abbi Crutchfield said...

Rape...genocide...and no mention of the Holocaust. I think you're losing your edge.

Oh, I like the end about Port Authority.

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