NYC shows this weekend: Hot Soup and We're All Friends Here

FRI (2/26): HOT SOUP
O'Hanlon's Bar - 349 E 14th St at 1st avenue.

Hot Soup is a FREE weekly standup comedy showcase every Friday in the East Village. Doors at 7:30pm and showtime at 8pm. It's produced by David Cope, Andy Haynes, Mark Normand, and Matt Ruby.

This week:
Julian McCullough
Roger Hailes
Tom Shillue
Dan Carroll

The Creek and the Cave
10-93 Jackson Ave.
Long Island City, NY

Wooooeeee! We are back for another show but this time we've got a hell of a theme! Since it's Black History Month and we just had Valentine's Day. We're doing a couples show with one black person!! You thought it got personal before, now it's going to be a couple on stage getting interviewed about all their relationship peccadilloes. Think Jerry Springer of the 'alt' scene.

Here are the couples:
Abbi Crutchfield and Luke Thayer (Nice couple)
Sean O'Connor and Nicolia Demas (Yowsa!)
John and Molly Knefel (what?)

1 comment:

Abbi Crutchfield said...

We're the nicest swingers you'll ever meet. We lay out two extra pairs of flannel pajamas on the bed.

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