A night of comedy in San Diego

I'm out in San Diego. Did a show in Ocean Beach on Friday night. What happens when I do an out of town show and don't know anybody there? I sit in the back and get drunk while posting messages at twitter.com/mattruby. In case ya missed, here's the rundown (click photos for larger versions):

6:02 PM Feb 19th
whoever named this hood "Ocean Beach" was not exceptionally creative. It is purty though.

6:31 PM Feb 19th
To borrow the lingo of @robcantrell, I just fucked up a fish taco. Damn good. Mahi!

6:33 PM Feb 19th
This seems like a good neighborhood to get 1) a tattoo or 2) in a fistfight. Esp considering the bouncer is drunkest guy in the bar.

7:57 PM Feb 19th
I'm not sure the name of this place would fly in NYC.

7:59 PM Feb 19th
At show and there's a guy wearing a hoodie and a tie. I really hope he is a comic.

[He was!]

8:12 PM Feb 19th
Biggest laugh of the night so far = some joke about how marines always marry Filipino chicks. Crowd loved it! San Diego, you are adorable.

8:15 PM Feb 19th
Coming up after comedy: Bands who can't spell...so u *know* they rock. ...Totalley awesum!

9:31 PM Feb 19th
This room mutated from sour to hot to rowdy drunk. Fun time though. How it looked after 2.5 hrs:

I did Comedy Store in La Jolla last night which was also very fun. Another looooong show though. (What is it with Cali and these three hours shows?)

Other upcoming shows out here and then back in NYC this weekend:

Tue 2/23 9:00pm Comedy Night with Mal Hall @ Lestat's (SD)
Wed 2/24 8:00pm The Comedy Store La Jolla (SD)
Thu 2/25 8:00pm The Comedy Store La Jolla (SD)
Fri 2/26 8:00pm Hot Soup @ O'Hanlon's (NYC)
Sat 2/27 8:00pm We're All Friends Here @ The Creek (NYC)

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soce said...

Whoa, Psydecar should do a back-to-back gig with nyc comedy group Sidecar!

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