Special Saturday edition of HOT SOUP this week

8pm on SAT (2/20) for this week only!
O'Hanlon's Bar - 349 E 14th St at 1st avenue.

Mark's writeup:

This is a very special show! It's David Cope's bday!!!! I know, you thought he didn't age? Me too! But he does and he's celebrating his birthday at O'Hanlons at Hot Soup! Here's the catch because of his bday, we're moving the show to Saturday the 20th!! You gotta come out and poke David's face to see if he's an android. Drinks on Cope!!

This week:
Jared Logan
Dan St. Germain
Brooke Van Poppelen
Phil Hanley

I won't be there but if you're in the San Diego area you can catch me tonight (2/19) at Ocean Beach Comedy at Winston's.

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