Wave 'em like you just don't care

You say hey...
Jason: yo
Jason: you say Hey
Jason: You say hey, I say yo
Matt: i am currently waving my arms in the air as if i don't care.
Jason: perfect
Jason: you know the drill
Jason: you are in the club
Matt: truth = if i really don't care, i usually don't wave my arms in the air.
Matt: i just sit. like normal.
Matt: cuz i don't care.

Matt: thought of you today when i read this:
Matt: Q&A with Sarah Jessica Parker
Matt: "I have to be involved literally down to splitting the atoms," says the actress about her clothing label, Bitten.
Tim: wow. she can split atoms
Matt: for fashion!
Tim: well thats why they usually do it. for fashion
Matt: spliiting atoms is very in vogue right now.
Tim: i literally crapped my pants when i read that

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