Urinary tract infections and cranberry juice

It's strange that urinary tract infections are cured by cranberry juice. Sounds like something a doctor who lost his license would come up with. "You know that burning feeling you're having...Well, I can't write you a prescription, but I've got the perfect cure: Ocean Spray!" Question: Does it have to be 100% pure cran or can you get away with just cran cocktail?

Also, it's surprising that cranberry juice, which usually stains everything it touches, is what cleans out your urinary tract. Using that reverse logic, I have a theory: Club soda is what actually causes the problem in the first place. Someone start researching that.

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Elizabeth McQuern said...

Here's the annoying thing - 100% pure cranberry juice (not a blend, not a "cocktail") is almost impossible to find. I scoured my local Jewel, with a recipe in mind, and that stuff was NOWHERE to be found. Cran-Grape? Yep. Cran-Apple? Of course. Cranberry juice? What's that?

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