The Comix staff offers tips and pet peeves for comedians

Comix' Dan Wilbur recently guest posted about what it's like working at a comedy club. He also passed along this list of tips and pet peeves for comedians from the Comix staff (compiled by Kambri Crews, the head of PR at the club)...

  • Unannounced visits (don’t show up because “you’re in the neighborhood.” We have work that might even be promotion for YOUR show! Make an appointment, and be ready to tell us SPECIFICS for your show. Anything that needs to be talked out usually should take 20 minutes tops.)

  • Showing up late or last minute for your scheduled spot

  • Lazy comics: those who never work new material

  • Having no way to contact you (you should have an e-mail and phone that work!)

  • Blowing the light

  • Venting on stage rather than entertaining (this includes attacking the audience in ANY way, or commenting on the size of the room. As soon as you say the crowd is small, people immediately stop having fun!)

  • Calls and e-mails to the point of harassment

  • Flexibility for the spot in the lineup (If you’re asked to go first, just do it)

  • Overbooking your show

  • Entourages in the green room

  • Large, last minute comp lists.

  • Long E-mails (get to the point!)

  • Network with people that have the ear of the booker.

  • Don’t monopolize someone’s time in conversation while they’re running a show or working at the club.

  • Work with management when they’re trying to pay you (also be nice to everyone on wait staff and the techies. They are all on your side.)

  • Recognize that each club has different policies. Don’t assume what works for one place, holds true for us. Ask.

  • If you get rejected from a club, you should cherish it. It means you’re either not the right fit, or you need to try something different.


soce said...

Great tips!! Comix is one of my favorite clubs. They just seem to have an extremely warm and friendly vibe, and they always book great acts for their main stage and have high quality acts in ochi's lounge as well.

The one tip I would add would be to come to First Friday Roundup every first friday at Comix in the main bar!! It's a very fun chance to network with comedians and get free drinks and drink specials. It's great to hang out with fellow performers in a non-show environment. I look forward to it every time!

Sam Morril said...

I don't get the people who blow the light. You want to get rebooked don't you? It blows me away when I see that kind of arrogance.

Also, how are people mean to waitresses and the techies? I've seen it, and it makes no sense to me. I was rescued from a set by a waitress at Broadway b/c she wouldn't let a guy on stage to attack me a night when the bouncer wasn't working. She barricaded the stage for me b/c we were friends. Be friends with the waitresses!

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