The Hip Hop Pirate experiences some technical difficulties

A few months back, I did a live set as The Hip Hop Pirate at Parkside Lounge (used some of the footage in the music video). I did an intro in character and then asked the hosts to drop the beat. Problem: They couldn't figure out how to work the sound system. CD couldn't play at first. Then it played but I could barely hear it. So I just kinda rambled and riffed, in character, for a few minutes while they got it sorted out. It was fucking painful for me though I guess some enjoyed it. Enjoy the awkwardness...

Thanks (sorta) to Abbi for posting this uncomfortableness. Again, the smooth version is a lot more pro.

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Abbi Crutchfield said...

You're welcome. (a lot)

I now wear a patch just so I can situate it with attitude.

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