'95 article on the end of the boom

From the Jun 19, 1995 (!) issue of New York Magazine: "The Comedy Zombies and the Ninth Circle of Funny." Check out this pic of some "new comedians reinvigorating standup":

Marc Maron, of the leopard skin print jacket, in the article: "The reason comedy sucks right now is because shitty comics ruined it."


soce said...

Wow they all look so young and full of hope.

myq said...

I like that the article quotes what could be the very first "suck a bag of dicks" joke, and acts like there's something wrong with it. Haven't they been to the future?

soce said...

Wow, after you posted this, it took off!!



And many more spots. The original tumblr post on adam conover's page gives you credit for finding the article.

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