What happened at Fireworks Over Utica

I live tweeted my experience opening up for The Marshall Tucker Band at Fireworks over Utica with the tag #fireworksoverutica. A sampling:

Indeed! "Utica: Always reachin toward greater heig" Photo: http://yfrog.com/g0zwuojj

Can't get more patriotic than Hotel Utica. Makes other hotels seem like a bunch of Commies! http://yfrog.com/2muasbj

Suggested tourism slogan for Utica: "Utica is for lovers (of PT Cruisers and Check Cashing places)!"

Alternative Utica slogan: "Breast tattoos and feathered hair: together at last!"

I spotted a black dude here! Feel like I found Waldo.

Survived set in front of 1/2 full parking lot. 1 heckler, 1 drum sound check at other stage, 1 premature firework blast.

Usually I measure set success by laughter. Here it's by # of people who unfolded their arms. Coulda been a lot worse.

Three Inch Fury onstage now. 2nd band of day. Also, 2nd time "Livin on a Prayer" has been covered today.

80s metal cover band and I eating in VIP Tent. Never has that term been used more loosely.

Nothing says pimp like a pimp hat, scepter, & using antibacterial soap outside portapotty. http://yfrog.com/5kdfehj

Magician now on same stage I did my set. Or is it illusionist? Or little person? http://yfrog.com/4vfa9xj

Another slogan idea: "Utica: not *everyone* here looks like an extra from The Accused."

MTB: "can't u see?" http://yfrog.com/mv1vuj > Classic rock fireworks http://yfrog.com/0eya3syj > That's a wrap!

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1 Comment(s)

Anonymous Joe Hicks said...

Congratulations, dude... you have giant, clanking balls of steel. I would have died a slow, painful death at a venue like that... it would have been like Tila Tequila at an ICP concert, only she has better tits than me, so... yeah... it would have been worse than that.

8/16/10, 6:39 PM