The dreaded bachelorette party

Bachelorette parties are the natural enemy of comedy. (Well, if you're a club comic anyway.) Here's an excerpt from a Greg Giraldo interview:

How do you feel about bachelorette parties in general invading a comedy show?
I love bachelorette parties. I think they're just always about sitting there quietly and enjoying the show, and they're never in any way interested in the attention all being on them, and they're never just a bunch of cackling fucking hens that won't shut up during the whole show. So, you could imagine how I feel about them.

How do you handle the situation when there's a bachelorette party in the audience?
Normally by ignoring them as much as possible and not making it about them, because that's really what they're there for. And then also by feeling my insides die a little at the thought that I'm really just a glorified fucking circus puppet of some sort.

I wonder if this bit Giraldo has about bachelorette parties was originally developed as a way of shutting down some noisy gals at one of his shows:

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I don't usually face 'em at the shows I do so it was almost enjoyable having a bachelorette party from Wisconsin at a recent spot in Chicago. The host spotted 'em immediately and just kept going "shhhhhhh!" over and over to 'em in a funny way. Didn't quite shut 'em down, but helped at least. And they were pretty well behaved during my set so I can't complain too much. Still, I can imagine it gets old real fast if you're in the clubs all the time.

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