Getting outta dodge

So I'm back from doing some fun out of town shows. Here's the scene at The Red Bar Comedy show in Chicago on Sat night (click for bigger version):

(FYI the guys from RBC are coming to NYC to do a late-night show at Stand Up NY on 9/11.)

It was my first time doing that room in Chicago and it was a really nice setup. Crowd filled with real people too which is always nice. Whenever I do a room like that it reminds me how homogeneous the crowds at NYC alt shows are. This room had older couples, muscledudes, gals dressed up for a night on the town, and even people who aren't white!

Refreshing that. Educational too. Shows you which jokes are your real "works for everyone" material. That clever bit that makes hipsters laugh can seem awfully weak when told to a bachelorette party from Wisconsin.

(Note to whoever made this spellcheck: There is a world of difference between bachelorette and baccalaureate.)

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