50 First Jokes was cool

The 50 First Jokes show on Saturday night was a humdinger. Great vibe in the room for a few reasons I think. One, you had 50+ comics hanging out. A bit of a scene that. And then the crowd was really into it. I think because the bits were so short (1-2 minutes), it gave audience members a sense of relief. Even if you didn't like someone, it was over quick. That made it easy for even ADDers to tune in. Plus, there was a distinct rhythm. Comics actually had to get a laugh in that time and then get off. No dilly dallying. I wish more "alternative" shows had those elements. Instead, crowds are forgiving so performers can get a bit indulgent and wandery. (Whereas a club crowd will get on your back real quick if you try to just tell stories or whatever.)

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