Overuse of the word "ghetto"

I'm sick of people using the word "ghetto" to describe things that are not at all ghetto.

"My computer setup at work is so ghetto. Every time I want to transfer files from my G4 to my MacBook Pro, I have to unplug my printer. So ghetto." Um, you know when your computer setup is ghetto? When it's in a pawn shop. Otherwise, it's pretty suburban.

"My GPS system is so ghetto." No, it's really not. Not unless it's just some homeless guy in the trunk yelling, "Turn the fuck around."

You should only be allowed to call things ghetto if they're really ghetto. Like this: "My collection of crack vials is so ghetto."

Related: Since when does "urban" actually mean black. What if you're a Black R&B singer from Alaska. Are you still considered urban?

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