Performing for little kids

I was asked to perform for "a group of five-year olds" on Saturday. I turned it down. Just because I can make adults laugh doesn't make me think I know anything about making a bunch of kids laugh. Especially not after listening to the horror stories I heard on This American Life's How to Talk to Kids which featured this story...

Sean O'Connor and Nick Maritato are professional comedians, and their job usually involves saying things that kids aren't supposed to hear. But last summer they got booked on a tour of kids' summer camps. TAL producer Jane Feltes tells us what happened.

The show I was asked to do: The Rachel Trachtenburg Morning Show.

The drummer girl who's been touring with her parents' Slideshow Players art band for the past five years is now 13, and she's hosting her own all-ages show. We're in awe—she's already figured out how to keep it both focused and freeform. And kids are entranced, probably as much by her sweetly feisty teen persona as by the funky puppets, the sparkly headbands she helps them craft, the snacks she makes for them to eat and her mom's felt-board storytelling aid.

Actually sounds pretty cool for a kiddie show. But I'm still pretty sure my jokes about strippers, nazis, etc. wouldn't have gone over so well.

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