Barking for comedy clubs

Classic Mitch Hedberg joke:

Whenever I walk, people try and hand me a flyer. And when someone tries to hand me out a flyer, it’s kinda like they’re saying, “Here, you throw this away.”

Here's a friend of mine (who's really funny) doing some barking — passing out flyers for a comedy club — in New Orleans. He has some fun with it but you can see how it'd get old real fast.

In NYC, a lot of the mainstream clubs try to get newbie comics to bark. Even if you're desperate for stage time, it seems like a bad deal to me. It's soul crushing and even if you do it really well, you'll probably just get stuck doing it more.

My .02: Hit an open mic if you're hard up for stage time. Or start a new room/mic where you can perform and/or trade spots with other people. (Same thing goes for bringer shows too.)

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